What’s on your Mind?


Risk Management
  • A single, broadband, view of risk for decision confidence
  • Audit mechanisms that ensure assurance does its job
  • Learn from the best in risk governance from across sectors
Performance Management
  • Governance structures for shepherding projects to success
  • Techniques to match your capabilities to the your landscape
  • Benchmark key performance indicators
Subsurface Assurance
  • Build an assurance framework that facilitates decision success
  • Develop standards documents & guidance material
  • Build assurance into your grass-roots technical work
Stakeholder Relations
  • Independent framing & facilitation of key strategic decisions
  • Learning from what works within & outside the industry
  • Optimise your working relationships with partners & suppliers


Decision Quality
  • Get it right from start: Account for bias & other human factors
  • Bring cultural risk out of the shadows: Tackle full-spectrum risk
  • Create an honest & self-learning record of decisions
Knowledge Intelligence
  • Assess knowledge’s impact on uncertainty through the D-cycle
  • Map your knowledge effectiveness on decisions & operations
  • Map ROI on technical activities for improvement opportunities
Functional Excellence
  • Heighten the quality of planning & execution of technical work
  • Playbooks for addressing new challenges, geological or business
  • Source independent peer expertise & challenge
Organisational Culture
  • Harness the networks & motivations of your organisation
  • Ensure you’re driven by your objectives, not your history
  • Identify & steer desirable risk cultures across your organisation


Competency Development
  • Assessment of competency fit & framework design
  • Coaching to bridge the gap from training to practice
  • Fresh, blended, classroom & online learning solutions
Technology Advantage
  • Target innovation to the desktop & into the asset
  • Provide the best subsurface software tools for the job
  • Separate the value from the hype in new technology
Technical Practice
  • Solutions that distil technical creativity into value
  • Couple best practice into effective teamwork
  • Focus the team around the drill-bit
People Effectiveness
  • Ensure full visibility on your people’s capabilities
  • Harness the cultural advantage of diverse thinking
  • Bridge chasms for inter-disciplinary effectiveness