TALK: Knowledge Intelligence (Ki)

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For an industry such as Upstream Oil & Gas facing relentless levels of innate risk and uncertainty, massive data streams and project management requirement, harnessing all that the organisation knows and is capable of is a significant and pressing management priority. Despite huge capital investment and over a century of experience, oil and gas companies are consistently under-performing in terms of the governance of their own expertise and knowledge, a weakness exacerbated by the Big Crew Change, technological revolutions and high technical staff mobility. While the industry has dealt with the Information Age, it has yet to master Knowledge.

In this paper, we outline a methodology to benchmark a company’s maturity in this key aspect of organisational effectiveness through a parameter we call Knowledge Intelligence (KQ), through measures of a wealth of indicators in business process, technology and people performance within the organisation. We use the measurement of KQ to map out solid implications for innovation, risk reduction and certainty augmentation, and ultimately, for organisational performance.

We illustrate this through a theoretical scheme showing the sequential importance of how KQ is built up from first principles of governance of data, information and knowledge and its mastery and the fact that its value derives from a systematic attention to all aspects of the KQ enhancement cycle.
To demonstrate the practical use of this methodology, we provide a case study of KQ for several different example organisations and the effect it has on their strategic KPI’s of risk, uncertainty and value generation.

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