EVENT/TALK: Geomechanics: Quo Vadis?

Despite being a discipline that describes the fundamental properties of the Earth and with extensive potential application, the techniques & tools of Geomechanics have found only limited application & are still greeted by much lack of awareness within Upstream Oil & Gas.

During 2013-15, Glen Burridge conducted a series of interviews with 28 experienced subsurface professionals across E&P operators and specialist consultancies to seek their opinion on the current and likely future state of the discipline.

The aims of this work were to:
a) Create a “conversation” between both sides of the Geomechanics business, i.e. both consultancy specialist and subsurface staff working within E&P companies, on where they think the discipline is and where it is going.

b) Provide input to a more serious examination of the untapped potential of Geomechanics and supply some impetus to a wider debate about how it can be better deployed for the benefit of the industry.

In this keynote presentation we see a number of clear messages come through that illustrate a marked frustration at the way the discipline of Geomechanics is approached by E&P companies and the nature of the many unrealised ‘prizes’ that are frequently over-looked or do not receive requisite attention.

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