TALK: Geo-flightseeing: A virtual flight & 2D-3D structural modelling across the Northern Apennines-Alps realm

[Available on request.]

Using the widely-available 3D vision provided by Google Earth is becoming commonplace, but how many of us are using it to its fullest potential? What kind of information is truly useful to the data-voracious geoscientist? What can be displayed and how? And how do we integrate with our project goals?

By combining the Google tools with the 2D-3D structural modeling we present such an integrated methodology through a unique air-trip across the Apennine-Alpine mountain chain and the related oil-prone sedimentary basins of the Po Valley and Jura foredeep (Fig.1).

During the virtual journey the major tectonic features are illustrated and discussed at the light of their regional scale significance. 3D viewing of selected areas is also performed during the flight. Small- scale structures are progressively integrated into the final mega cross-section from take-off to the final landing. Eventually, the petroleum system of the different hydrocarbon province is summarized and the exploration potential of the related provinces is illustrated by the available seismic and drilling results.

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