TALK: What Constrains the Impact of Cross-Cultural Thinking on Global Leadership?

Cross-cultural principles, and the ethos that underlies them, arguably inform every human interaction.
So, why does it remain a niche field, for all its holistic, integrated world-view and nearly endless application potential? Why is it not an intrinsic, explicit, organ of diplomacy, academic endeavour and commercial and industrial activity? Why is it still making its case to a World largely ignorant of its existence and practice, even when they see laid before them on a daily basis its effects and consequences in their private, public, working and community lives?
In this interrogating talk, Glen takes the viewpoint of a strategy consultant looking at the field to distil its challenges to three over-riding issues:
1) Objective: What is the REAL Problem we are trying to deal with?
2) Delivery: How do we provide the right response?
3) Results: How do we know we’ve Done Any Good?

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