Glen Burridge

Drawing on two decades of experience spanning an extraordinary range of roles in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry, Glen Burridge has focused in the last 7 years on tackling some of the complex organisational issues presented by an industry where a heady mix of high risk/reward and uncertainty reign supreme.

These reach from the sophisticated $multi-million software technology deployed on the average geoscientist's desktop through the technical practice they follow to the governance and assurance of the products they create.

Glen has worked with for the following E&P companies in either a staff or consultancy capacity:

And through the following consultancy organisations:

Our Associates

Profit from our professional network of risk expertise from the world of Upstream Oil & Gas that encompasses both the consulting and technical skills to deliver successfully.

One unique aspect we’re also able to offer however is our additional corps of experts from other sectors that offer extraordinary and innovative thinking to oil & gas problems:

  • Aviation (both civil and military)
  • Business Analysis & Improvement
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance & Actuarial Science