• Do you have the governance of risk and value that you desire of your subsurface portfolio?
  • Is the effectiveness of your Exploration or Production operations hindered by people factors?
  • Do you have the technical assurance of decisions that you require?


  • Do you have a complete picture of the suite of risks your subsurface business faces?
  • Are you struggling to get your teams to work together for common goals?
  • Are you worried that you’re not making enough of the technical knowledge you hold?


  • Do your technical people have the tools and capabilities to get the job done?
  • Is technology a hindrance or an enabler to your technical business?
  • Does your decision & assurance making process reach right down to where the risks lie?


Glen Burridge & Associates Ltd is an effectiveness consultancy for Upstream Oil & Gas

Our mission is to help you instill the practice & technology that will draw the full potential from your organisation. We focus on three areas that shape whether you will succeed or fail as a business:

Strategy – Risk – Capabilities

Ways we can help you in your subsurface technical teams:

  • Framing a problem & the strategy to address, using people who talk your language, yet ready to challenge your assumptions
  • Analysing your entire Upstream workflow with the kind of independence & candour insiders cannot
  • We’ll show where resources are not deployed to best effect, losing you capability & money
  • Highlighting what’s required within your operation to defeat inertia, false barriers & inefficiency
  • Ensuring you have the right mix of people for the right job with the right tools
  • Performance that’s not just a buzzword, but tangible: Questioning, Assessing, Acting, Validating…..Learning


Whether it be in terms of managing risk in a thorough manner or ensuring capabilities or benefits of technology are realised, the cost of building a strategy is minimal compared to the havoc a lack of one can spell.

Get off on the right foot with GB&A to let you help your projects help themselves in succeeding.


At the heart of creating value from a subsurface project are some of the greatest trades-off of hazard versus reward in industry. And no assessment of risk can be made without reference to the knowledge that fights the uncertainty that creates it.

Hence, at GB&A, we are obsessed with the power of seeing the most comprehensive picture of your risk landscape at any given time.


No success ever came without a clear idea of your capabilities and how to enact them. The world’s greatest companies and organisations are defined by the excellence of what they deliver and the technical know-how and technology that went into them.

The complex world of oil & gas is certainly no exception. At GB&A, we want you to gain the greatest advantage from your investment in people, technology and know-how.